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Discover the key learning points that make learning this pattern so tricky

Let's be honest! Learning patterns can be tricky! 

And Taekwon-do has lots of patterns!

Patterns training is physically demanding and very rewarding but often people forget to tell you "its mentally taxing too!'  Not only do you have to contend with problems of memory, strength and flexibility but each individual technique is made up of multiple elements and seeing them is hard for the untrained eye. 

Many instructors teach great classes and are intimately acquainted with the details of each of the multitude of TKD techniques.  There is NO SUBSTITUTE for a good instructor.  

But not many people are lucky enough to live with a Taekwon-do instructor.  Though you may receive very detailed instruction in class, if you are like me, there's a good chance you don't remember much of it when you're at home trying to practice in the garden.    

Learning from YouTube videos is hard too as they very rarely explain and "who knows which ones are any good?"

What makes a good instructional video?

Many people who teach Taekwon-do are great martial artists.  Some are fighters or great patterns performers but teaching is a whole different set of skills. 'Performing well and Teaching well ' are totally different skills.  

That's why it's important when buying an instructional video that you select one made by people who understand the theory of learning.  

Not everyone learns in the same way

Some people can see something once and they are able to perform it perfectly.  For the vast majority of us it is not that easy.  That is why it is essential that a good instructional video caters for all.  

Techniques should not only be demonstrated but should be broken down into incremental stages and then built up to the whole technique.  But only when the learner is ready.  

Taking one's time is ALWAYS the best way.  Thats why good instructionals offer patience and yet don't hold back those most able.  To achieve this it is essential to highlight the common areas of difficulty and the most frequently made errors.      

Who am I?


My Name is Ciaran McDonald M.A., M.Ed. 

I am the author of the celebrated book:

 Old School Perspectives on Taekwon-do  

I have a long background in education and have taught at many of the UK's best universities.  I was a teacher and a teacher trainer for many years before becoming a full-time Taekwon-do instructor.  I know a little about education and learning theory.  

However, I am also the head instructor of the highly successful Oxfordshire Taekwon-do: a series of inclusive schools that have taught Taekwon-do to international champions and hobbyists for the last 10 years.  

I love TKD and I love teaching it.  I love helping people study this great art and watching their lives change through self-improvement and a sense of achievement. That's why I made this series of pattern tutorials based on 'my experiences" as a learner and my professional knowledge of education. 

These tutorials are specifically designed to help those who need it. 

I also started 'Old School Perspectives' for those who want to find the 'self-defence' in their TKD and have produced special Self-defence courses too.

What makes our pattern tutorials so good?

OSP pattern tutorials offer learners the following:

  • Each technique broken down into its component parts and demonstrated
  • Highlighting of common areas of difficulty
  • Stance training and explanation
  • Focus on mistakes frequently made by learners
  • Explanations of stylistic differences that organisations may require
  • Static and dynamic versions of many techniques
  • Sine wave focus on each new technique
  • Full demos of each pattern (some with running explanation)
  • Short drills to train each sub skill
  • COVID lockdown tips for training
  • Explanations of history and pattern meanings
  • Full list of all Korean Terms.
  • Watch as many times as you like
  • Get DISCOUNTS on future patterns tutorials

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What People Say About Old School Perspectives

Scott McMillan - 5th Degree


Scott McMillan - 5th Degree

I'd like to thank Ciaran for this. In my opinion it's what Taekwondo needs....because there are some explanations in the Encyclopedia that don't make sense. However, the dvd on Joon gun is a good piece of work that all Taekwondo Instructors and students should have in there dvd reference library! Loving the work 10/10
GM James Tjin A Ton - 9th Degree ITF

Your Book is Great

GM James Tjin A Ton - 9th Degree ITF

Your book is great and i recommend this book to all students of ITF Patterns to open their mind and not only for applications of the patterns by our founder General Choi Hong Hi.
GM Paul Liversidge - 9th Degree

One of the best book I've read on TKD

GM Paul Liversidge - 9th Degree

It is one of the best books I've read on Tae Kwon-Do. I started Judo at an early age, then Shotokan Karate, leading onto Tae Kwon-Do, so I can see where the author is coming from re his presentation of various techniques. I certainly enjoyed reading this excellent presentation of the history of the development of the International Tae Kwon-Do Federation and the patterns. It is a pleasure and an enjoyable experience to read and I recommend this book to all I rate this book 10 out of 10
David Price -3rd Degree

Well researched and presented

David Price -3rd Degree

Clear and to the point. not all applications will suit all people, but its a great starting point to examine the combinations within the Tkd patterns. I love the way Ciaran’s dvd details drills for an entire pattern, rather than just picking the odd combination here and there which a lot of youtube videos do, and missing out the ones that are "difficult to decipher". Was pleased to see that the method of using the chamber position for blocks as the block itself before using the blocking movement to strike or grab the attacker, as this is a method I already use myself. I’m now revisiting this review and adding to it! Since my original one, I’ve purchased both Ciaran’s book and also his online blocking course, in addition to the Joong Gun dvd. Both book and online course are well researched and presented, and as always the emphasis is on using TKD to deal with HAOV (Habitual Acts Of Violence). This is just the sort of resources that the TKD community need to make TKD complete. The Old School Perspectives series of resources is the WHY we do it to General Choi’s HOW. While not everyone will agree with the methods and information presented, it will be thought provoking to all and should make students and instructors re-examine their syllabus.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Pattern Introduction & History
  • 2

    Technique Training

    • Tech Training 1: L-Stance to Fixed Stance
    • Tech Training 2: Inward Knife Hand Strike
    • Tech Training 3: Bending Stance (Explanation and Legs)
    • Tech Training 4: Bending Stance (Arms)
    • Tech Training 5: Circular Block (Legs Only)
    • Tech Training 6: Circular Block (Arms and Shoulders)
    • Tech Training 7: Circular Block (Whole Thing)
  • 3

    Move Explanations

    • Move 1: Ready Position & Twin Forearm Block
    • Move 2: Inward Knife Hand Strike
    • Move 3: Fixed Stance Punch
    • Moves 1-6:
    • Moves 7-9: Side Kick & Knife Hand Guarding Block
    • Moves 9-12: Knife Hand Guarding Block to Straight Finger Tip Thrust
    • Moves 13-18: Moves 1-6 (Repeated)
    • Moves 19-24: Circular Block & Front Snap Kick Middle Punch
    • Moves 25-28: Bending stance to Forearm Guarding Block
  • 4

    Pattern Example

    • Full Pattern Example
    • COVID Static Patterns - Won- Hyo in Limited Space

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